Simple Pricing Plan Which Meets Your Needs

With our revolutionary pricing model, you can experience the most advanced and reliable CDN service in the world, and only pay for what you use.

No Credit Card Required! No Commitments!

Feature Included in your plan
HTTP/S Caching
A private lane to deliver your content globally
Unlimited Number of Zones
Multiple Zones improve performance and control
Unlimited Number of Groups
First to introduce Groups to align your CDN to your business units and applications. Read more...
Instant Activation
5 min set up
World Wide Locations
Accessibility to all of our locations around the world. No differentiation between Standard and Premium Locations. All are Premium for you
Another industry fake line item to charge you. We will never! Ever! Charge you for requests
Absolutely Zero Setup Cost

  • No Account Setup fee
  • No Monthly Subscription fee
  • No SSL Setup fee
Automatic Cache Control
Advanced capabilities are being set automatically to optimize your content delivery
Shared SSL
Free & Immediate. Start using HTTPS in minutes and instant activation
Dedicated SSL
We are also providing the certificate, so you don’t need to buy and manage its expiry
Wildcard SSL
Use this SSL to serve unlimited number of sites using your own domain
Token Authentication
Use our secured token authentication technology at the edge of our network for security and performance.
Advanced Authentication for HLS
Even if you use HLS to stream your video, we can help you protect the access to your premium content. Out-of-the-box and hassle free. Nothing to do on your side
Google Authentication & 2FA
Use your Gmail or Google Apps user to authenticate securely to our system
Origin Protect
Advanced Origin protection to block Internet traffic and CDN load
Automatic DDOS Mitigation
No one can give you all as we do. Even if you are now being attacked by mysterious regimes or Darknet Organizations your services will keep working. At some point they will understand that they cannot bit you
Management & Analytics
Modern and Friendly User Portal
Easy & Simple, yet powerful customer’s portal
Google Authentication & 2FA
Use your Gmail or Google Apps user to authenticate securely to our system
Mobile Support
Any report! Every Task! At the end of your fingers. Responsive portal that looks and act the same from any device
Live Analytics
Traffic, Efficiency, His/Requests, Search, Billing Information. All at one place
Cockpit Dashboard
Get a clear and complete view of what’s going on instantly
Instant Purge
Purge the entire CDN or Specific File instantly
Manage Unlimited Zones
Get a full control over your provisioning by creating, suspending or deleting CDN Zones and configurations
Advanced Configuration Options
The configuration settings of your content is automatically optimized. Yet, you can decide to Gzip your content or not, instruct caching to use advanced cache keys using Query strings and so on
Cost Optimization & Billing
Your CDN costs are visible, any time, at high level or event break down to your different business units
API & Integrations
Restful API
Secured and easy to use API so you can integrate your CDN service to your applications seamlessly and easily, with full control over any aspect of your service
CMS Integration
Support Integration to Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many others
Premium Support
Best support ever! Our engineers will instantly answer all your questions
24/7 Support
Knowledge Base

Pay per-use monthly charges, with a minimum of $5.00 processing fee per account.



2TB/30 days
No credit card required