Service Questions

We are the largest CDN on earth. We provide Enterprise CDN for Startups and SMB's that until today was reserved only to big companies, enterprises or customers that could commit to pay a lot for CDN services. We have the best footprint everywhere around the world, all with NO Commitment. Oh, and we are known for having the best service operations in the market.

Simply signup here and create your first Zone. You can follow the instructions guide once you are logged in.

No commitment. You only pay for what you use. By signing up you agree to the Term of Service

No. Once you have access to your newly created account you can start enjoying a full access to our platform and features, including 2TB for 30 days Free Trial.

No. You pay only for what you use. No pre-paid plans.

Only for what you use. After the trial ends, once you subscribe, you will be charged for per GB traffic that was used.

No. We love security and we encourage our customers to use it whenever it can. Enjoy the Enterprise CDN strengths without compromising security and at no additional cost.

No. And we will never charge you for requests.

Since we are working with the best partners, we have implemented an end to end, full service and automated system. We utilize the best performance and peers with almost any end user network in the world! This means your content is being served directly to your user’s network.

Our analytics platform is the most advanced tool. It provides unique reporting and management tools. Both business and Devops insights are stacked into a modern,  intuitive and mobile friendly UI. You may slice and dice your traffic and business KPIs and take smart decision upon your huge data sets.

Everything from Cost, Traffic, Cache Efficiency and more...

Yes. We designed our services to optimize your service deliverability to large and small object delivery. We are masters in Video Delivery and have the honor to offer you the same network and capabilities that serve the best and largest video publishers and brands in the world.

We support any Content Management System Integration. Read here for further details.

Technical Questions

A Zone is simply a CDN configuration of caching rules associated with your published url (the url your users access to get your content in your website or app) and with your origin url (the location from which the CDN pulls your content from).

Yes. You can configure any source from which the CDN will pull the content from, either it is your own server or cloud service, as long as it is accessible via HTTP or HTTPS to the CDN.

Yes. This option is available to certain use cases that typically require for on Network Storage, such as: large Video Files, Software Downloads, etc.

Sure. Our platform works with all standard cloud storage. Our service is designed to work with any cloud service that is available today and any storage clouds that would become available in the future.

Well, almost anything. From large videos and software download files to small java scripts or other files. We do support all standard mime types, as well as advanced delivery options such as HLS, HDS and Smooth Streaming

We support Shared Certificate (using our domain), Single Domain (your or Wildcard (* All with dedicated IPs and Premium SSL Hosting are supported.

Yes. We do provide the fastest and most secured one-way (as opposed to three-way) authentication token based on different parameters. For more information, please refer to advanced topics

Yes. We do support one or multiple CNAMEs (or Publish URLs) for each Zone. This allows you to speed performance and tap into better management capabilities for your CDN service.

Yes. For both HTTP or HTTPS, you only have to set your own domain (e.g. as a publish URL in the Zone creation. For HTTPS using your own domain, you need to Add your SSL Certificate to BitsNGo first. SSL Hosting fee may apply.

Yes. You can decide if the cache key is based on the full URL including all query string parameters (default) or to extract everything and use the object url without the query string as the CDN cache key.

Yes. We do support this feature automatically. We can cache files and non-file responses from your origin. You may want to set cache control headers and make sure your origin returns Content-length and Last-update HTTP response headers.

Yes. By default, we will gzip and serve gzipped content for the standard supported Mime-types. You can always decide to turn it off in certain use-cases.

Yes. We provide a full RESTful API that supports all reporting & management capabilities. We have a simple yet secured API, full functional to integrate your Application, Platform or Website.

We do support purge. We have different levels of purge support, ranging from purge specific object to one-click purge for the whole content (or Zone)

If you’ve enabled 2FA in your Google Apps or Gmail account, simply signup/login using this Google Account, as well as simplifying your login method.



2TB/30 days
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