Our Features

With our innovative platform, you can now enjoy the same advanced global CDN service that until now was reserved exclusively for the largest companies.
Check out the features list and start your free trial today.

HTTP/S Caching

  • BitsNGo’s CDN Network is like your own reserved lane on the congested highway.
    With connections to thousands of last mile networks, 100+ points of presence (PoPs) worldwide, your content is always one exit away from your end-users.
    Built on private networks, with a current egress capacity of tens of Terabits per second, your content leap-frogs the congested internet to provide a faster, more responsive and more compelling experience to your users.

Unlimited Number of Zones

  • There are no limits to the number of Zones (Published URLs) you can create.You can also combine multiple Zones into Groups and see stats at the group level.
    In practice, this means you can use a single BitsNGo account to deliver traffic on multiple websites over several Zones (published urls) per site.
    For example, if you had a site:
    You could have several zones: & &
    You could view stats for the group as a whole or per zone

Origin Pull & Push Support

  • BitsNGo supports both origin “pull” or “push” configurations.
    With a “pull” configuration, the CDN can fetch the content directly from your servers to populate the cache.
    With a “push” configuration the content can be hosted within the networking by using CDN Cloud Storage to host your files.

Real-Time Purge

  • How do you update cached content on servers around the Globe?
    If content needs to be changed immediately you don’t need to wait for the Time-to-Live (TTL) of your content to expire. You can easily issue commands to force the CDN to get a fresh copy of your content.
    Within seconds from issuing the purge request all the CDN Points of Presence (PoPs) around the globe will be updated with your latest content.
    This gives you peace of mind that you have complete control of what content is seen at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Advanced Configurations

  • - Gzip:
    The CDN can respect your origin’s compression settings or the CDN can apply Gzip compression automatically to all relevant objects.
    -Delivery Optimization:
    You can choose to optimize delivery of content based on average file size per zone.
    Choose “small object” delivery if your average file size is under 250KB or “large object” delivery if over 250KB.
    - Fallback configurations.
    The BitsNGo CDN can be configured to gracefully handle unplanned errors or disturbances to the origin server. Should content no longer be accessible at the origin, the CDN can serve stall content or fallback to an alternate origin. Depending on the types of errors 4XX or 5XX you can choose alternate behaviors.

Free Shared SSL

  • With BitsNGo you immediately gain access to a Free Shared SSL Certificate to encrypt your content throughout the entire CDN Network from all the Points of Presence (PoP’s) worldwide.

    You can have as many SSL Secured zones as needed with the shared SSL.

Premium Analytics

  • BitsNGo provides smart, simple and insightful analytics at no extra cost.
    Our dashboard makes all key metrics available and simple to understand.
    You get access to:
    Traffic graphs
    Cache-Hit Rate Stats
    Geographic Distribution Maps
    View traffic details per selected time range
    View Stats by Groups or Zones
    Clear and concise cost calculations based on traffic.

Domain or WildCard SSL

  • If you require more advanced SSL options, we offer the option to secure your own single or multiple Domains under HTTPS. We keep the cost low and can provide such services at 0.25% of the cost of our competition.

SSL Offloading

  • Serving encrypted content can weigh heavily on your servers.
    Secured web pages require that all content be served under HTTPS, however in most cases, only the dynamic payload of any given web-page is sensitive. Encrypting all this non-sensitive content on your server can slow down performance and increase your server costs.
    Now you can “off-load” this burden on to us. We can take care of encrypting all static resources for you to allow you to maintain your performance while you focus on securing the sensitive dynamic data only.

Content Protection

  • With BitsNGo you can restrict access to your content with authentication tokens to grant access to certain users only.
    You can restrict access by: referring domains to your content from being freely distributed on unauthorized websites (also known as hot linking or deep linking)
    You can restrict access to specific IP addresses or IP ranges.
    Tokens can work with a hash in the URL or as a HTTP cookie.


  • BitsNGo is made for developers. We offer a full RESTfull API which allows you to integrate the CDN management directly into your applications. You can automate and streamline any CDN tasks via the API: such as purging content, creating new zones, retrieving reporting information and much much more.

Advanced Cache Controls

  • With BitsNGo you get full control of how your content will be cached and will behave online.
    Some of the Cache Controls Available are:
    - TTL Override:
  • The CDN can respect your origin’s caching headers or you can choose to overwrite the caching behaviors, by manually setting TTLs per Zones.
    - Set Cache variation on Query Strings:
    You can tune CDN performance and behavior by setting how the CDN should cache requests with query strings. You can choose to cache a different object per query string variation or choose to respond with the same object regardless of query string changes.

Advanced Video Services

  • Your users expect a quick, smooth and reliable viewing experience.
    With our huge throughput, BitsNGo can ensure smooth delivery to concurrent users all around the globe on any device.
    With support for both Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming using the latest HTTP delivery protocols based on chunked encoding (HLS, HDS, MSS) or Progressive Download you’ll be sure to reach the widest audience possible.
    We can accommodate the widest use cases by supporting: Range Requests, Partial Caching, Seek Requests, Multiple Bitrate delivery etc.